UA + Community Dance Performance

Thursday, March 10, 6pm

Sundt Gallery, College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

An evening of dance featuring choreography by Douglas Nielsen, and by dancers from the School of Dance

  • SPACE, TIME, and DANCE (Room For 4)
  • TIME-SPACE: A Collaboration in Dance and Architecture


SPACE, TIME, and DANCE (Room For 4)

  • Choreography: Douglas Nielsen and the dancers
  • Sound: Merce Cunningham lecture Space, Time, and Dance
  • Dancers: Michael Clement, Benny Fung, Erik Ostrand, Clayton J. Velasquez
  • Chairs: Annabell’s Antiques

On 12 July 1958 Merce Cunningham wrote this to Robert Rauschenberg as a directive to Rauschenberg’s role as costume designer for ANTIC MEET (1958):

‘I have a chair strapped on back, which is like a large mosquito that won’t go away…maybe chair is like a leech, like chairs are. This can be actual chair or made-up one, in any event it should be light weight, indeed! (also thought of using crutch here)”*

A note on process: Often in choreography class, when someone makes a solo that is barely interesting, I tell them to “strap a chair on your back, like Merce did”. This is not to say that what Merce did in 1958 would not have been interesting without the chair, but it certainly added to the peculiarity of what he prepared physically.

After listening to Merce Cunningham’s lecture on space, time, and dance. The dancers and I listened to the recording of Merce’s lecture and took notes. Afterwards, we made phrases of vocabulary based on those notes. The sequence is set, and the time frame (8 minutes) has been established. It can be performed in any venue with no designated front.      -DN

** Nielsen’s choreography class will also perform a chance composition of solos they have created inspired by images currently on exhibit (FACE TO FACE) at the Center for Creative Photography,


TIME-SPACE: A Collaboration in Dance and Architecture

  • Choreographers: Amanda Engelhardt, David Maurice
  • Set Design: Nick Johnson
  • Dancers: Phylicia Roybal, Kacie Boblitt


*Merce Cunningham Fifty Years Aperture p.105